Mountain Milk, digital print on silk from large format film


Sea Milk, digital print, upholstery foam, and glass, 26 x 26 x 6 inches, 2014


First Milk 1-4, conjoined cut glass bottles and plaster, 2014


Milk to water, acrylic on canvas triptych, 36 x 54 inches, 2014


Five Stories for: MILK, Book, 2014,


Egg Votive (Carole Itter), foam and plastic, 2014


Fountain Taking In, video loop, collaboration with Erik Osberg, 2014

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Milkstone, single edition perfume in handmade milkstone bottle, collaboration with Josée Gordon Davis


Opening Night, enormous loaf, a forty egg boiled half egg, salt, milk, rose water, honey drink served in scallop shell.


First Milk 1-3,conjoined glass bottles and plaster, various dimentions multiple, 2013

Click here for PDF version of Five Stories for : MILK

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