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Extreme Unction, is a two-person performance of a series of short texts that manifest anxieties about contemporary material conditions. Bodily, environmental, political, and nutritional panic-attacks-cum-lamentations are recited alongside self-help actions that serve as therapies for the individual body. The work is staged around a purpose-built table that holds a set of bowls containing the materials used in the actions. The work reveals the tension between communal problems and the individual body, the feeling of being allergic to the world and of powerlessness in the face of it.

We work with materials related to the body to do with consumption and bodily fluids, the use of technology in the mediation of the body, and the politics surrounding our contemporary relationship to food. The remnants of our actions serve as an embodiment of the performance, passing on the ideas contained within it, and as a testament to their futility beyond the self.

Josée Aubin Ouellette and Erik Osberg