The Circulation of Fluids and Other Exchanges

Passed from one bottle into another
Warmed on the window sill
Put to your lips by another
Lying down
Stored in a cool dark place
From a running tap
Dribbled into your mouth
Passed through a filter
Gargled then served in a mouth-sized cup
Found amongst perfume bottles
Skimmed from the top of an overflowing cup
Unfit but sanitized
From an unfamiliar form
From a common source
Sprinkled on your tongue
From the flowers
Funneled from above
Shared between three mouths
From a spoon warmed in someone mouth
Each from one side of the same clam
Squeezed from a soaked sponge
Taken from the bath you are in
From a stirred pot
Lapped-up from a saucer
Eaten rather than drunk
Two mouths on one pipe
Sucked from a shell in your mouth
From a pipe that has touched many mouths
From the inside of a mould
The approximate volume of a yolk

Thirty glazed ceramic objects for drinking to be used and installed in various settings and situations.